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New Downtown Apartments

The condo front has been pretty quiet so I thought I’d highlight some of the new apartment developments coming up in the downtown area. A number of the apartment projects rival the scale, amenities and upper-end finishes of new condominiums.

The Olivian

Olivian Tower Seattle
Location: 8th & Olive
Building: 27-story, 224 units
Developer: The Hanover Company
Architect: Carrier Johnson
Other: Under construction, occupancy slated for Spring 2009


Aspira Apartments Seattle
Location: 1823 Terry Avenue, corner of Stewart & Terry
Building: 37-story, 326 units
Developer: Urban Partners
Architect: LMN Architects
Other: Under construction, Green built, 11th floor amenities (fitness center, library, club room, conference room, media room, outdoor BBQ, fire pit and gardens).


Kinects Seattle Apartment
Location: 1823 Minor Ave (off Stewart)
Building: 40-story, 366 units
Developer: Security Properties
Architect: Bumgardner
Other: Aiming for LEED Silver. Security developed the Epicenter in Fremont and is currently developing the Park in Ballard project at the old QFC site on 24th. Security is also planning another high-rise residential tower at 815 Pine.


1200 Stewart

1200 Stewart
Location: 1200 Stewart (corner of Stewart & Denny Way)
Building: Two 33-story towers, 300-500 units
Developer: Lexas Companies
Architect: Sclater Partners
Other: Project may include a hotel. Lexas is currently developing the Escala Condominium.

2000 3rd Avenue

2000 3rd Avenue Seattle
Location: 2000 3rd Avenue (3rd & Virginia)
Building: 43-story, 431 units
Developer: Tarragon
Architect: Ankrom Moisan
Other: This one has been around for awhile.

2105 6th Avenue

Location: 2105 6th Avenue (6th & Lenora)
Building: Two 24-story towers, 644 units
Developer: Pine Street Group / 6th & Lenora Apartments
Architect: GGLO
Other: 1/2 city block on 6th Avenue between Lenora & Blanchard

3rd & Cedar

3rd & Cedar
Location: 2612 3rd Avenue
Building: 17-story, 185 units
Developer: Harbor Properties
Architect: Hewitt Architects
Other: Essentially, located South of Mosler Lofts.

3031 Western Avenue

3031 Western Seattle
Location: 3031 Western Avenue
Building: 14-story, 78 units
Developer: Martin Selig
Architect: Ruffcorn Mott Hinthorne Stine
Other: Adjacent to the Olympic Sculpture Park.


Landes Apartments
Location: 8th & Marion, First Hill
Building: 7-story, 81 units
Developer: Harbor Properties
Architect: NBBJ & Bayless Architects
Other: Occupancy slated for Fall 2008

Taylor 28

Taylor 28 Apartments Seattle
Location: 100 Taylor North, corner of Taylor & Denny Way
Building: 6-story, 197 units
Developer: Bre Properties

6th & Denny Apartments

Hyatt Place Seattle
Location: 6th & Denny Way
Building: 8-story, 56 units
Developer: Kauri Investments
Architect: Johnson Braund Design Group
Other: Part of the Hyatt Place Hotel complex, originally proposed as condos.

Expo 62

Expo 62
Location: 2nd & John
Building: 7-story, 114 units
Developer: Intracorp
Architect: Weber+Thompson
Other: Occupancy expected for Summer 2008. Project originally developed as condos but converted to apartments during construction.

The Bernard

The Bernard Apartments
Location: 115 Warren Ave N
Building: 6-story, 62 units
Developer: Barrientos
Other: Occupancy February 2008

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  1. Matt says:

    2 projects on here that I thought were headed for Condos: the 2nd and Virginia towers, and the OSP adjacent one. When did those switch over? Also, another project I didn’t see on here was the 1915 2nd ave project. You can see it in the far right of the 2nd and virginia picture, its. I always thought that one was cool because it had the huge pine tree peaking through the hole in its roof. Is that project still going forward?

  2. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    Matt – I’ve heard conflicting info. Back in September I mentioned the 2nd & Virginia towers were condos then I heard otherwise…but I can’t find that source. A couple of weeks ago the Seattle Times did refer to the projects as condos so will go with that for now. I’ve since removed the projects from this post. Thanks for the heads up.

    As far as the 1915 2nd project…I’ve asked for status updates from Intracorp but they remain mum on the subject. Given the Expo 62 and Domaine issues I’m guessing this project isn’t a high priority. Though, the 1915 2nd project would appeal to a different buyer demographic so who knows.

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks for that summary, I sometimes forget how many rental properties are going up around town. It’s outnumbering condos now! fyi, the architect for Olivian is Carrier Johnson, not CollinsWoerman.

  4. Jeff W. says:

    I’m guessing that approximately zero of these new units will be affordable for middle to low income renters. There’s only so many $60k jobs at Google or Amazon to go around! Where are all of the service/support workers (doormen, security, maintenance, servers, etc) needed for this new infrastructure supposed to live?

    City planners appear to be hell-bent on turning this town into another San Francisco.

  5. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    Jeff – you’re spot on. I didn’t include the Borealis (Denny and Dexter) which is being constructed as an affordable rental property by Vulcan. But, that’s pretty much it.

  6. klt says:

    Wrong Jeff. Zoning for highrises requires affordable -or lumpsum payment to city in lieu of. Youre right about SF type scenario though. I’m more worried about middle class -college educated singles who want to live downtown can’t afford it and they’re the demographic the city wants.

  7. Carl Shepherd says:

    1915 2nd avenue is no longer is profiled on the Weber+Thompson website. Likely toast. That pit at 2nd and pike may welcome the fall of more than one tower as the recession swings it’s doleful scythe.

  8. Christina says:

    There is one new apartment building not mentioned that I would like to add- Westlake Village. Although the property is not downtown, it is close enought to walk to Belltown in under ten minutes. The view at this property is incredibile! Westlake Village is right next to Lake Union with a beautiful backdrop of Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle.

    Check it out-

  9. Mike in Pioneer Square says:

    Why can’t the “…service/support workers (doormen, security, maintenance, servers, etc) needed for this new infrastructure…” live in buildings like the income-restricted Lowman Building (completely renovated in 2005) or the brand-new Quintessa, among many others?

    The people on the “no low-income housing options available” band wagon need to take a look around before they spout off.

    I actually live in the Lowman Building right now, and there isn’t a line of “doormen, security, maintenance, servers” waiting to get in.

  10. Ken says:

    I hope design review isn’t finished with 1200 Stewart. As we’re beginning to see at the Escala, these buildings may be more appropriate for Vegas, not Seattle.

  11. Beau says:

    I lived in a Seattle apartment and wrote this lovely rap song… enjoy friends!
    Apartment Rap

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