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Are Aurora Ave condos a tough sell?

By on November 27, 2007 in Real Estate with 6 Comments

Apparently it must be true when the DJC runs a feature article about developers dealing with the negative perception of being on Aurora. Here’s an excerpt related to the Domaine project.

Intracorp is using noise mitigation tactics for its 92-unit Domaine condo project now under construction just south of Canlis Restaurant. Like the Kauri project, it will have a single-loaded corridor on the Aurora-facing side to create a double wall between the units and Aurora.

Jay Janette, principal with Mithun, the project’s architect, landscape architect and interior designer, said there’s a “negative perception” of Aurora because of the traffic noise and emissions from idling cars. To mitigate the negatives, developers can construct with high performance but inoperable windows and high quality walls, he said, or use a single-loaded corridor, as Intracorp is doing. Once there is a “critical mass” of development that successfully mitigates the negatives, people will begin to appreciate the area’s positives, he said.

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There Are 6 Brilliant Comments

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  1. klt says:

    critical mass wont help. one will still have to drive everywhere despite living downtown.

  2. mahalie says:

    That’s not true at all! I used to work just off Westlake which is just down the hill from there and the bus service is great on Westlake and on that part of Aurora. If you’re willing to walk less than a mile to the S. end of South Lake Union you can catch the new SLUT too.

    I think this is a great area for density, plus you are so near the lake, and a park, great recreational opportunities. From a market perspective, they’re probably targeting the science/med workers for all the companies moving into SLU. Much better than the Aurora Ave north of this area…that will be much harder to improve due to existing context, not just traffic.

  3. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    The DJC reported this morning that another commercial development is planned along Dexter. It’s a 360,000 sq ft office building expected to be completed by 2009. Combined with the CarrAmerica and Vulcan projects, that’ll create just under 2.5 million square feet of office/retail space in a relatively confined area. Vulcan does have additional residential projects in the works as well. Overtime, it could become more pedestrian friendly (I’m hoping it will) but the area also needs better public transportation options and resident amenities.

  4. klt says:

    Does the lake provide groceries nowadays!? I had heard it also provides great boutiques for shopping as well. That’s it, forget Capitol Hill with 15th and Broadway or QA, or Fremont with its nightlife and such -the Aurora corridor has a unique magical lake! I wish other areas of this city had water around.

    And walking a mile takes on average 15-20 mins? Then you get to wait for the SLUT to take you 6 blocks..hmmmm yep. that sounds like a good use of time.

  5. justin says:

    I love density, but I would never buy on such a busy street, especially one full of hookers and deadbeats..

  6. Kelly Nut says:

    Density is great, and the whole South Lake Union project from Vulcan is awesome. The problem with the Aurora Ave Condo’s is the eastern exposure; you sure lose the sunlight much quicker on the eastside vs. the west side. Also, Aurora is a major highway, it is not very easy to cross and parking is much more difficult, and who wants to deal with the median? I would say that being a mile away from the SLUT is not exactly convenient, but I get your point.

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