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Condo Searching Just Got Easier

By on June 7, 2007 in Condo News, Real Estate with 6 Comments

John L. Scott Real Estate rolled out its new home search feature allowing users to pinpoint their home searches to a specific neighborhood or block. The feature, called “Neighborhood Wizard”, allow users to use a polygon tool to draw any shape search parameter they desire.

For condo searches, this is a great tool to narrow down specific areas, including a specific project.

Here’s a screen print of the new feature in action (highlighting Belltown):



For more information, additional screen prints and step-by-step instructions, please view the John L. Scott’s New Search Feature article at Seattle Housing Buzz.

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There Are 6 Brilliant Comments

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  1. This tool is pretty sweet… I guess thats what you get for being bill gates neighbor.

  2. Anon says:

    This site is almost a complete copy of the Redfin site.

    The neighborhood wizard is a cool feature but its a little awkward to use. It seems like it would be easier just to zoom into the area you want to search in rather than take the time to box it off. The zoom tool helps narrow your search just as easily.

    I like the ability to see the bird’s eye view. That’s about the only “neat” feature on this site. This is just an extension of Microsoft Visual Earth. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Redfin roll that out in the next update to their site since they are also using the same technology.

  3. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    They are very similar. Though, I would say Redfin’s current map search is a copy of JLS rather than the other way around as JLS was the first real estate company to utilize VE. I don’t doubt that Redfin will roll out a similar tool. And, another local company uses the same technology vendor as JLS so I suspect they’ll have the feature in a couple of months.

  4. Reuben says:

    I love this tool. Does anyone know what it was made with, or what type of programming?

  5. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    The vendor who created the tool for JLS is Real Tech LLC. It’s based on Microsoft’s polygon drawing tool with Virtual Earth.

  6. Jay Valento says:

    It looks great for someone who is techy oriented. But most of my clients hated a map search that we had on our website. I took it down….We found that consumers like easy to use searches. I do think that Wolfnet has a good product for searching…

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