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Vulcan Discovery Center Re-opens

By on October 24, 2006 in South Lake Union Condos with 4 Comments

The Vulcan Real Estate Discovery Center re-opened its doors today. The soft opening is intended for their home selection appointment holders to come in and view scale models, finishes and full-size models representing Veer Lofts, Enso and Rollin Street Flats. The Discovery Center is open to the general public though the public grand opening will held in the next week or so.

What’s new at the Discovery Center?

  • Scale models of Veer, Enso and Rollins
  • Greater selection of finishes than were previously available
  • Full-size model of a 1-bedroom unit at Rollin
  • Bath & Kitchen models at Enso
  • Flexi-loft kitchen representation at Veer
  • A scale floor plan model of Enso

I was a little disappointed they did not include full unit models of Enso and Veer. The Veer flexi-loft model is a small representation of the loft which does not give a good indication of the 5-foot loft ceiling height. The loft area is open to the Discovery Center’s ceiling which looks more than 5 feet in distance. Plus, potential buyers aren’t able to climb up to the model’s loft area (which is only about 3′ x 5′). I think having a full-sized flex-loft model would have been beneficial as that’s one of the units that buyers seem to be unsure of.

Aside from that, the Discovery Center looks great and people should definately stop by for a look.

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  1. Tom A. says:

    Ben –
    I asked about those very points you made regarding the Veer flexi model, and they told me they would be adding a ladder so that people could actually climb up and look. Although I’m not sure how beneficial that will be since there is no model ceiling and very little flexi floor space up top. They also told me they will be incorporating a large scale, or ruler, that will run up the model wall to the imaginary ceiling so people will have a better idea.

    I was definitely expecting more from this model, especially after being told from the Vulcan people previously that it would be a full-scale model. And they also seemed to have additional floor plans available for Veer, although I didn’t grab any of those handouts since I was told the website was updated with them (it’s still not updated). I should have known better…

  2. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    To be fair, they weren’t 100% complete (no bathroom countertop or sink in the Rollin’s model, the Enso kitchen backsplash wasn’t grouted, etc), so they may yet add the ladder and ruler.

  3. newbuyer says:

    Check out the Discovery Center if you haven’t already. We went there and were intrigued by all of the planned use of space in the SLU area. We left with our mouth watering and a week later came back and sealed the deal on a 1 bdrm condo at Rollin. Had the greatest experience we could have asked for as far as our tour, and the realtor’s expertise. I don’t know if it’s okay to say this, but you should ask for Bill O’Brien. He was completely competent and has fully answered every single one of our questions (and there have been lots)! Anyway, have fun if you go. Even if you aren’t buying, it’s still just a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon!

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