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Veer Lofts – South Lake Union

The Veer Lofts was Vulcan’s first residential condo development in the soon to be rejuvenated South Lake Union district. Completed in 2008, Veer features 99 heavy timber constructed one- and two-level lofts and single-level flats ranging from 680 to 1,100 square feet.

Interior finishes will include European styled kitchens, exposed wood ceilings, concrete floors, 9′-16′ ceiling height and natural finished. Unlike what many homebuyers expect when compared to the other projects in the area, the Veer is entry-level and it’s interior reflects that. Interior finishes include laminate cabinets, bright colored vinyl and stainless steel backsplashes. It does have an industrial feel that replicates a true loft feel.

The building is pet friendly and will provide residents with a roof top deck with BBQ and bocce ball court (east side of building, not above the 6th floor) and a washing station in the garage. Each unit will come with one parking space and one bike storage space in the state-of-the-art bike storage room, and one storage space. A cafe is also planned at ground-level.

Veer Lofts offers three types of homes:

  • Flats: 620-780 sq ft
    Located on floors 2 & 3.
  • Flexi-Lofts: 600-740 sq ft, 13′ ceiling
    Located on floors 4 & 5
  • Full-Lofts: 800-1060 sq ft, 16′ ceiling
    Located on floors 1 & 6.

Number of floors: 6
Number of units: 99
Amenities: Roof Terrace
Completed: 2008
Pet Friendly: Yes

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About the Author: Ben Kakimoto is a Seattle condo and urban real estate marketing & listing specialist. Contact Ben to learn more about the Seattle condo and loft real estate market or about buying or selling a Seattle area condo. Find Ben on Twitter and Facebook. .


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  1. Tom A. says:

    How do you view the resale value of the flex-loft floor plans? My wife and I are first time homebuyers and were hoping to be able to afford the full-loft layouts, but they seem out of reach when we found out at the event they would be starting at least in the $400s. With a budget of $350k, we’re now weighing our options in the event our lottery card is selected with plenty of units available in the flat and flexi-loft layouts. We’re not real keen on the height of the upper level for the flex, but were hoping to purchase more sf than the largest flat floor plan offers (755sf). Any thoughts? Thanks!

  2. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    Compared to the full-loft, I think the flexi-loft is at a disadvantage. Though number of other buildings have low ceiling sleeping lofts, and most of those have stairs leading to the loft rather than a ladder. I hope Vulcan will offer stairs as an upgrade option. Another item that I find odd with the flexi-loft (per the two floor plans they’ve released) is that they don’t have closets. Though in the bigger flexi-loft there may be a closet in the utility room…hard to tell.

    Compared to the 755 sq ft flat, I feel the flat has better use of space and will be more appealing to buyers than the flexi-loft.

    Veer will be the first in a revitalized South Lake Union. The addition of the street car, influx of businesses and a new park, it will be similar to Belltown’s revival. Based on that, my early assessment is that Veer will hold it’s resale value well, even the flexi-lofts, particularly if owners make upgrades to the finishes. So, I would say to make a decision based on your needs – the floor plan which is a better fit for you.

  3. DL Byron says:

    I don’t understand the flexi loft. What makes it flexi? Do you mind explaining that concept. We’re going through the veer process now, going to the info-session this week.

  4. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    DL – I think the term “flexi” comes from buyers being able to adapt the space for different purposes – sleeping loft, storage, a place to hang out, etc. This would be a good question to ask the sales folks during your overview session.

    The designer of the Veer also built the 19th Avenue Lofts on Capitol Hill which are similar in style to the flexi-lofts. From a value standpoint, 19th Avenue Lofts is doing well in the resale market so I don’t necessarily think the design is a disadvantage, but perhaps just not the most functional.

  5. DL Byron says:

    Ok, so flexi means ladder instead of stairs for the upper space.

  6. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    The flexi’s have ladders. Also, the flexi lofts are 13′ total, 8′ lower level, 5′ loft area…so you won’t be able to stand upright in the loft. When the model units open next month at the Discovery Center, they will have a model of the flexi-loft.

  7. DL Byron says:

    Ben, thanks for the info, here’s a post from me, offering some feedback . . .

    Veering off brand.

    I didn’t get into the fun with flexi-lofts in that post, that’s going to definitely need to be seen, as it didn’t seem to entice the group. I thought, “it’d be great for a loft monkey”

  8. sark says:

    So my husband and I are looking for a 2+ bedroom somewhere around downtown Seattle (Queen Anne, SLU, Capitol Hill, etc.) where we could move with our 2 little boys. Our price range is up to about $650,000 depending on timing. Ideally, we’d like a 2 bedroom plus den (or equivalent) and at least 1,200 sq ft. What is out there in this category? How do we even get started?

  9. Ben_Kakimoto says:

    Sark – I’ve contacted you off line. Thanks, Ben

  10. CondoCow says:

    I drove by The Veer Lofts last week… are they done? Are buyers moving in? Has anyone been on a tour yet? If so, how is it? I heard they have outdoor bowling on their roof deck. How can you keep the wood from warping??? That neighborhood is really cool. We went to the Vodka Venik Lounge and they have incredible infused Vodkas and a small menu, but, the food is amazing. I could hang out there each night. Back to Veer… I would love to hear if you can actually see Lake Union from their units. Also, does Kenmore Air fly right over the top? That would be cool and scary at the same time. Any buyers out there from Veer? If so, what is going on?

  11. Ben Kakimoto says:

    Condoboy – see my Veer Lofts update post for more info:

    An on-site sales office and model homes are now open for touring, open 11 am – 6 pm daily. Also, it’s a Bocce Ball court on the 2nd floor deck, not a bowling alley.

  12. Kevin D says:

    Are there any unhappy Veer customers based on flexi-loft space? Loft ceiling height is very short and you can not even stand up in all areas. Exposed sprinkler heads and craftmenship of the Loft was not quality work.

  13. ji says:

    Hi kevin d,
    we just did a walk through today on our veer flexi-loft and the quality is not great at all especially for what you are paying for. There was a lot of quick fixes, but when i walked through the door it looked as if it wouldn’t even be close to livable in two weeks when we were scheduled to move in. the low ceilings in the flexi loft was expected but just in general i don’t think i’m going to pay for the location and be uncomfortable with where i live.

  14. ken says:


    are you still planning on buying at Veer? Is it an option to walk away and still get your earnest money back? Just curious?



  15. Christina says:

    Hello – I am a new homeowner who recently closed on a unit at the Veer. Prior to closing I was ensured by the developer that my cement floors are complete. Being naive I believed them. After closing, I was able to look at other units and noticed that my floors were not finished properly. I have emailed the developer several times and they have pushed back without any straight answers.

    Is there anything that I can do at this point, or am I stuck with unfinished floors? I closed back in October and still have not moved in due to my issues with the floor.

    I give warning to all Veer Lofts buyers that it seems like Vulcan has hired inexperienced contractors to complete the units:

    1. cement floors are not cleanly finished
    2. lines along the floors are crooked (they decided to stop in the middle and start a new line)
    3. drywall was done improperly; caves in at the top and is wavy
    4. There are very little 90 degree angled corners – looks like things were eye-balled.

    Please help!

  16. d says:

    Did you do a walk through before closing? if you did, and signed off that you were satisfied, then it might be harder to get them to listen, however, almost all new construction comes with some kind of warranty for at least one year. I would be persistent in communicating your problems and find out if they fall under the warranty (the problems you describe sound they might). Good luck

  17. M says:

    Cristina and Kevin D:

    I am a dissatisfied Veer buyer. The flexi-lofts are a joke for the price. You are so right: the finishing is cheap and crooked. The cement floors are not polished all the way through the corners, which is unacceptable. The sales team told me the storage unit was functional but it is occupied with a water heather. The access to the flexi space is so badly designed – the access is blocked by the water sprinkles and a beam. and the ladder! that is the biggest joke of all.

    I heard of a veer buyer who had an independent appraisal done and learned that the price for the unit was indeed much lower than the asking price and Vulcan would not back down, so they walked away.

    I am so very dissatisfied with the product and with Vulcan that I have decided to walk away even when I know I’ll most likely loose my earnest money.

    Please, if you are thinking about buying at veer, think again. these people at Vulcan are definitely not shooting for excellency or decency for that matter. I wonder if they have ever heard the word “ethics” related to business.

  18. ken says:

    I would try and et out of your contract. There are quite a few people that are walking away from their Veer purchase.


  19. d says:

    Christina stated that she already closed, getting out of her contract is not an option for her.

    Again, be very vocal about getting your unit fixed, Let them know you will write/blog/forum etc.etc. about your experience. I am pretty sure they wont want unsatisfied buyers scaring away other buyers. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps

  20. Ben Kakimoto says:

    Christina, sorry to hear about your experience. Those items should have been addressed during the walk through. Though, as “D” mentioned, you’re under warranty. In your new homeowners packet there should be information regarding the warranty and submitting work orders. If not, contact the Discovery Center or the property management company.

  21. M says:

    Actually, you do have a warranty (I believe 90 days). If no one at the Discovery Center is listening to you, you can contact Megan Murphy, the sales manager at Vulcan. I am so sorry to hear about your experience

  22. BD says:

    This hasn’t been encouraging for future buyers. I was always cynical about pre-purchases, that you never know what you’ll get despite all the promises. Veer is another example of buyer beware. We had been thinking about Rollin Street too…

  23. nonamous says:

    I am sorry to hear about this too. I know how exciting it must be to finally get to the move in stage after waiting so long. I hope that Vulcan is keeping tabs on these blogs. They are smart enough to know that word of mouth is the best advertising. And so far it’s been pretty negative.

  24. tb says:

    I bought a flexi at Veer and to be honest I have to say I am pretty satisfied. I had several walkthroughs, and in each one everything I noted was taken care of by the time I took a second look. I even hired an independent inspector who had trouble finding anything more then the drains being a little slow to drain which was quickly fixed as well. The inspector even noted that he was impressed with some of the worksmanship, especially the electrical and plumbing (water heater). Once I moved in a few small things came up and, I was actually really surprised by how quick and responsive Vulcan was at taking care of the items. I haven’t noticed any worksmanship issues with the dry wall or flooring. I went into it realizing that the look was an industrial, “unfinished” look and thats what I was interested in. So overall I am happy, yes there were some things that came up, but certainly nothing close to deal breakers.

  25. Marc says:

    D, Ken, and Christina,

    D said: “Christina stated that she already closed, getting out of her contract is not an option for her.”

    This is not necessarily the case. As I mentioned in one other place on this blog (, I routinely present buyers looking to rescind their contracts and recover their earnest money. Most of my clients have not closed yet thus, there are numerous legal theories that might justify rescission of the contract.

    However, I can think of at least one legal basis that will justify rescission of a contract and return of earnest money even after the sale has closed (thus requiring the builder to buy the unit back). There are strict time limits so if anybody is considering this option, you shouldn’t delay.

    I’m more than happy to discuss this option with anyone who wishes has questions. Note, however, that I cannot provide legal advice unless and until I’ve been retained as a person’s attorney and I can never and would never guarantee success. Click on my name above to link to our firm website or call me at 206-357-4224.

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